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Where to find used transportable homes for sale.

In this section on where to find used transportable homes we will outline the more obvious pointers and pitfalls in an attempt to give some guidance to finding used transportable homes for sale to suit your lifestyle and finances.

There are often used or second hand transportable homes available and you may be tempted to advertise in the ‘wanted’ column to find yourself something to suit your individual needs.

This may well lead to a suitable structure at a very attractive price. However the quality, condition and structure of any second hand transportable home will need to be carefully checked out. If you do not have a good understanding of house structure you would be advised to get someone you trust in the building trade to check it out and give you a written inspection document as your decision makes the difference between a bargain and an expensive mistake. Don’t be afraid to hire a good building inspector, as it could be money well spent.

To purchase a transportable home from a house removal or house transport operator has advantages in that the house is usually already in a transport operators yard. This makes inspection a lot easier and can give a lot better perception of the general condition.

If you choose to buy privately then it is probably best that you consult thoroughly with a trusted house removal company on all aspects including hooking up utilities.

Used transportable homes that can be moved in one piece are a more attractive buy than the added cost of having to split and rejoin. If however you manage to buy at the right price then the cost of splitting, joining and transport could still give you a bigger unit at a good price. Anything of smaller dimensions may be easier to transport as it may not have to be split. However the simple removal of verandas, steps and other associated external fittings are not generally a problem.

Always keep in mind the purchase price of transportable homes for sale is not the end of the costs.

  • Utilities – Don’t forget the cost of relocating a house should include reconnection of sewage, electricity, water, telephone, all associated council costs and there will no doubt be structural costs of some description.
  • Finishing Touches – After all these fixed costs come the little extras like painting, wallpapering, paths, gardens, lawns and all those things you do as finishing touches.
  • Viability – For working out the viability of the house you are interested in, find out how many square meters it is then try to work your costs out to a price per square meter or how many dollars per square meter, then compare this back to the cost of moving on a new house of similar size and similar amenities. Don’t forget to add in any appropriate extra costs a second hand house may have over a new transportable home.
  • Finding the home for you – Searching for second hand or used transportable homes for sale is best done with your local newspaper or searching in the Yellow Pages for house relocators, as they may know where to find what you want. Also utilize the Internet as houses for removal are listed in places like the Trading Post, E bay and Gumtree.
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