An Unexpected Cost When Building This Transportable Home

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Unforeseen Cost Adds Expense to Transportable Home

Every build has an unexpected cost somewhere along the line. With this transportable home, which was modified into an office block, came an additional cost from the local Council.

Transportable Homes TankThe Devonport City Council (Tasmania) had a new policy come into power between the start and finish dates of the project. The cost was associated with a 2,000 litre water retention tank that the Council wanted installed with all new buildings. Why? To slow the water coming from the building’s gutters and running into the city’s storm water drains during a down-pour.

By the time the 20mm poly-pipes were connected to the tank the over all cost was approximately $1,000.

Anyways make allowances for an unavoidable cost that comes out of nowhere and is out of your control.

[This retention tank was the unforeseen cost when the Devonport Baptist Church had a 3 bedroom transportable home customised to become an office block]

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