How Far Can Relocatable Homes Be Transported? [VIDEO]

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Distances Travelled by Relocatable Homes


Transportable Homes Video – Tracey talks about transport distances of relocatable homes.



You can freight modular homes very long distances; from Melbourne to Darwin if need be. Obviously, the further the distance, the greater the transport costs. Also, the number of portable homes modules have to be taken into consideration.

Basically, the deciding factor is budget.

If you are thinking about transporting your portable home some distance from the pre-manufactured homes factory; then remember you may find it harder to hire good local Tradesmen in remote locations and/or the Tradesmen you do hire have little or no experience assembling that particular design of relocatable home.

As for very remote or difficult locations; transportable homes can travel by road on a truck (which is normal), on a train, barge or via helicopter in extreme cases.



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