Transportable Homes and DIY

DIY Transportable Homes/Manufactured Homes


To DIY, or Not to DIY? That is the Question. Some people have an innate ability to practically negotiate and methodically work through the transportable homes building process; saving several thousand dollars in some cases. However, never underestimate for one second the complexity of the manufactured homes building process, for it is fraught with expensive surprises for those who are stone-cold uninitiated.


Going It Alone with Transportable Homes

Yes, upon your explicit request, there are manufactured homes building contractors who will build you a fabulous transportable home and then leave the rest up to you; as per your instructions. You will also sign contracts to state that that is exactly what you required and exactly what you received; a sparkling new manufactured home waiting at the gates of the factory for the truck to arrive, (that you organised). But, (and there is a BIG BUT) …

Australia is peppered with eager and very capable first-time DIY’ers who have become financially weak at the knees purely because of no experience, lacking knowledge and ordinary skills. Question is, … will you be the next DIY victim?


Why Choose Qualified Building Tradesmen?

Especially when you can bash in a nail and yell directions to the crane driver as well as the next man. Simple. Because qualified builders and associated tradesmen have spent literally years learning, training, observing and experiencing hundreds of different and challenging building situations.

My personal advice is … unless you have extensive experience; DON’T DIY when it comes to transportable homes because you could quite easily be over your head.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for saving money. I am all for ‘giving it a go’, but there are things in life you need to leave to the professionals. There is a very good reason why builders of manufactured homes have special training programs for already qualified tradesmen. Also, if you thought getting finance was a challenge for modular homes then you need to know that some lending institutions refuse to finance manufactured homes projects that have been DIY’ed.


Suggestions for Budding Transportable Homes DIY’ers

By all means hire yourself out as a labourer to your local building contractor to lower costs. But, don’t jump into DIY manufactured homes just because you think the hard part is done (house is built); because all parts of the process have their unique challenges. You can be almost guaranteed of a sticky situation arising where you have to urgently get expert help, and that expert will charge you ‘a handsome price’ to fix your mess and for the inconvenience caused.

Before going it alone –

  • Be a labourer on transportable homes building projects
  • Talk to other successful DIY’ers within the manufactured homes industry
  • Watch videos of the transportable homes building process
  • Read DIY books (manufactured home specific only)


Transportable Homes – Other Gems of Information

Treat the building processes of transportable homes and traditional homes differently.

Don’t study traditional building methods when you are getting a manufactured home.