Transportable Homes Building Vigilance

Transportable Homes Checklists – Tip #9


Out of sight, out of mind does not apply to transportable homes. Just because most of the building process is happening at the manufactured homes factory and your chosen portable homes building contractor has a faultless reputation, does not mean you can switch off.


Because the most important part of the building process happens on your block of land. More precisely, the critical part of placing the prefabricated modules on the foundation and permanently (or temporarily) securing them to your block of land. Also, it is at this point in the process when you should identify and report any problems as soon as possible to your modular homes building contractor so they can be immediately addressed.


Checking Transportable Homes

After your new modular home is completed, your building contractor should go over your portable home meticulously to check it is finished to a high standard, has no problems and is therefore able to be signed off.

Note: It never hurts for you to check it again yourself; go through your new transportable home room by room; preferably before you move all your worldly possessions in.


Make a list and check the following –


  • All the floors and joins in the floors (Are there any unacceptable gaps)
  • Place a ball on the floors to see if it rolls off (also on bench tops)
  • All the walls and joins in the walls (Is the plastering still okay?)
  • Make sure walls do not have any bulges or seams in the plasterboard
  • All the windows (frame & pane) Do they open, close and lock nicely?
  • All internal doors (frame & pane) Do they open and close nicely?
  • Ceilings (dirty marks, cracks?)
  • Retract, then pull closed blinds/curtains (dirty, holes, damage?)
  • Flush all toilets – Do they flush properly and refill or leak?
  • Fill all sinks and vanity’s with water and then empty (Any leaks?)
  • Test the showers (does the door seal properly?) and baths
  • Are all vanity’s, baths and showers scratch-free?
  • Check the water pressure
  • Make sure all hot taps have hot water, and cold taps have cold
  • Turn on each light switch on and check it turns the right light on and is straight
  • Test each and every power point to make sure it is hooked up and straight
  • Did you get the right appliances?
  • If you have appliances included; test every function they have
  • Open and close every draw in the home (kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes)
  • All floor coverings (joined, laid and finished properly with no damage or ripples)
  • Check exhaust fans work in kitchen, bathrooms and toilets
  • Ring the door bell and check the fire alarms work
  • Is every room in the right colour you chose?
  • Are all cabinet doors hanging straight?
  • Do interior moldings meet together properly without gaps and obvious compound?


  • All external doors (frame & pane) Do they open, close and lock nicely?
  • Are the modules joined well and hidden where possible?
  • Are stairs and steps secure and firm?
  • Is the decking finished with secure rails?
  • Are the window frames finished and painted in the right colours?
  • Are exhaust fan outlets covered?
  • Do the outside lights go?
  • Is there any damage (scrapes, scratches, cracks, smudges,etc)?
  • Does the trim-board (between the home and the ground) hide the foundation?
  • If you moved windows or doors, are they in the right place?
  • Did you get extra windows you ordered?
  • Is everything painted in the right colours?

You should get a list of standard inclusions from your building contractor which you can tick-off. Any extra inclusions listed in your contract should also be checked as received and in good condition.