Transportable Homes are Attractive Now

Transportable Homes Can Be Amazing Structures and Living Spaces


If you are looking to insult a transportable home, one simple way is to say it looks like a prefab. That is now changing with new technology. The manufactured homes industry is now creating multi-storey portable homes that are designed by accomplished and talented architects using assembly line efficiency in factories. This change has really gained momentum in the past five years. These new types of manufactured homes (sometimes called modular homes) are becoming more mainstream; being more readily accepted by banks and lending institutions. Insurance companies are also following this trend as portable homes become more common and built in formalised factory environments to stricter building standards.


By utilizing flexible designs from architects, modular homes are finished in the same building materials to achieve the look of traditional homes. Manufactured homes areĀ  built in sections called modules. These modules are constructed in very large factories with lower labor costs and reduced product costs due to bulk buying.


Once the modules are completed in the factory they are then transported by truck to your site where an overhead crane lifts each modules into place. Often it takes only one day on-site for the house to be assembled. Modular home owners can expect a time-line of two to three months (on average) from starting to build your relocatable home to assembly completion on your block.


The reason why modular homes have become more attractive is because portable homes offer a similar variety of designs created by architects who normally design traditional custom homes, external finishes, roofing options, paint, paneling and much more to create a customised living space to reflect your lifestyle.


The housing industry has had to adjust quickly to the growing demand for manufactured homes. Demand has arisen from people wanting affordable homes very quickly that look like a traditional home. The industry has experienced double digit growth for the last ten years and forecasts predict that to continue to grow.