Transportable Homes 10 Tips – Relocatable Homes Designs

Transportable Home 10 Tips


Choosing a Design for Your Relocatable Home – Tip #4


Every building contractor who builds pre-manufactured homes will have a standardised set of floor-plans and designs for you to choose from. Each of these designs can be modified, however please remember even the slightest alteration may mean additional costs, so clarify this with your building contractor.

On the other hand, many people dream of owning their own relocatable homes and spend hours upon hours pouring over their perfect floor plan; modifying and tweaking it constantly. The truth is, … the sky is the limit. If you can imagine it and you have the money to pay for it, it is yours. If you have designed the ideal living space that reflects your lifestyle then there is a pre-manufactured building contractor with the expertise to build it for you. No longer are your options limited to a box resembling a 1950’s beach shack.


You can have any transportable homes style –

  • Colonial
  • A-frame
  • Tudor
  • Victorian
  • Contemporary
  • Ranch
  • Modern
  • Cape cod
  • Georgian
  • Queenslander
  • Farmhouse
  • or something very unique to you.


It is important to note, pre-manufactured homes follow the same basic principles of traditionally built homes; the more adventurous the design, the more expensive your home will become.


Transportable Homes – Other Gems of Information

Building anything ‘curved’ is more expensive, so avoid curves if you have a tight budget.

Modular homes need to be transported. If you have awkward shapes, your portable home will need to be built in smaller modules requiring more trucks, more drivers and slower building efficiency; in other words … a lot more money. Unless you are lucky enough to have a large building budget, keep your customised home design sensible.


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