Transportable Homes 10 Tips – Are Relocatable Homes Best for You?

Transportable Home 10 Tips


Are Relocatable Homes Best for You? – Tip #6

Every home buyer has a good idea in mind of what their future home should look like and portable homes can be a great option. However there are many things to consider to ensure that modular homes are a viable option for you.


The Ideal Scenario

If your block of land is flat and easily accessible via good roads and within 100 kilometers to a pre-manufactured homes building contractor; your costs will be more reasonable with less chance of additional financial surprises.


Distance and Negotiation

It is going to be expensive to truck a relocatable home from Sydney to Brisbane, or Perth to Adelaide. However, you can save on other costs. Example: If your pre-manufactured homes building contractor (Relocatable Homes Factory) is a long distance from your block of land, you may be able to negotiate a good price with your local tradesmen to do the on-site work. Especially, if there is very little work on at the time. In fact you may be able to secure a better deal than a relocatable homes building contractor (if they were outsourcing to local tradesmen that were not within their existing network of professionals).



Number of Modules

How many pieces will be in your modular home design? Will the transportation of individual modules on separate trucks (complete with drivers), assembly of each piece via crane and operator, and the labour of tradesmen to assemble, join and finish the modules out-weight the benefits?

Ask your local builders for their opinions and compare their answers to the information you get from your transportable homes manufacturer. This will help to ensure you are pursuing the right building method for your unique situation, as no two building projects are ever the same.


Transportable Homes – Other Gems of Information

If your block of land is over 250 kilometers from the pre-manufactured homes building contractor, you have to start taking the ‘distance factor’ into serious consideration. This is were you may discover that relocatable homes are not the answer for you, so be open minded. Could a local builder make your home for the same price or less, within the same time frame?

Other reason why modular homes may not be a viable option for you is if the access to your block of land is very steep, it may be too risky to enlist the services of a bulldozer to drag your new modules into position. Again, check with a number of contractors to get an accurate overview of what can and can’t be done in your case.