Transportable Homes 10 Tips – Choosing a Builder

Transportable Homes 10 Tips


Choosing a Building Contractor for Your Relocatable Home – Tip #2


Definition: Building Contractor
Also known as a Pre-Manufactured Homes Builder, Transportable Homes Building Contractor, Modular Homes Builder and Manufacturer of Modular Homes.


Don’t Settle for the First Building Contractor You Find!

There are over 100 manufacturers of modular homes in Australia; large and small. Some are very large public companies listed on the stock exchange fulfilling huge government or mining contracts, as well as producing relocatable homes for the domestic market. The majority of pre-manufactured homes building contractors produce between 100 – 700 portable homes per year. The rest are very small businesses, including husband and wife partnerships who make high quality relocatable homes in small quantities.


Finding the Right Relocatable Homes Manufacturer for You

Each building contractor has a different method of construction, different floor-plans and a range of styles for you to choose from. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

You need to compare transportable homes manufacturers –

Do they have a network of builders in your local area that they have worked with before (if they are a long distance from your block of land)?

Do they provide everything you require?

Are they willing to extend themselves to meet specific needs; like installing facilities for disabled persons?

Do they provide a ‘full service’, including all government compliance, from consultation to handing over the keys? Or, …

Are they willing to let you do some of the work yourself to reduce costs?

Just because a pre-manufactured homes building contractor may produce the floor-plan you want, does not mean they are a good match for you and your situation. Contact each building contractor, be honest and talk to them at length about what you want. To see a list of questions to ask a potential pre-manufactured homes building contractor …


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Building Contractors – Other Gems of Information

Ask all the contractors the same questions so you can compare their responses.

Ask the building contractors if you can speak to a couple of their past clients; if not, look for reviews on the internet, talk to your local Council and start digging for what the community think of them, their product and service.