Transportable Homes 10 Tips – Building Process

Transportable Home 10 Tips


Learn the Basic Transportable Homes Building Process – Tip #1


When you start looking for a relocatable home it is very easy to get swept away with the excitement and miss the basics. By learning the portable homes building process, you are able to make more informed decisions.

Relocatable homes construction is very different from the traditional home building process. The time-line, is different; relocatable homes are built using a system in a production-line setting which is fast, methodical and structured.

The foundation of a transportable home is built at the same time as the home itself and can be prepared by your local builder if your relocatable home contractor is a long distance from your block of land.



A General Overview –


Step 1 – Consultation to Ascertain Exactly What You Require

Step 2 – Delegation of Responsibilities and Contracts Signed

Step 3 – Frame Production (Site preparation starts on land)

Step 4 – Walls and Floor Built and Secured to Frame (Foundations laid on land)

Step 5 – Roof Constructed and Windows Installed

Step 6 – Internal Walls are Plastered and Painting Commences

Step 7 – Kitchen and Bathroom Fitted

Step 8 – Final Testing (Electrics, etc; before departing from factory)

Step 9 – Freight Manufactured Home Modules to Destination

Step 10 –  Assemble Modules, Join and Finish Prefabricated Home



Manufactured Homes – Other Gems of Information


Using Local Builders

Portable home modules can be assembled by your local builder if your contracted manufactured homes builder is some distance away from your block of land.

It is absolutely imperative that good communication is adopted between your local builder and the contracted manufactured homes builder of your portable home. Communication lines have to be open, clear and concise.

IMPORTANT: When getting your local builder to prepare your foundations for your new portable home, please be aware, too many times modules arrive on site and they do not match the prepared foundation. This is extremely stressful, causes delays and makes everyone involved annoyed.

When you have selected your transportable home building contractor, ask them to tell you their exact building process; as each prefabricated homes manufacturer is slightly different in their process. Identify dates, benchmarks and expectations. Make sure you have a very clear picture of what is going to happen. If you are unsure, you should ask.

By understanding the modular building process, you will know what to expect and the time line; knowing roughly what should be happening at what time is very comforting. It is advisable for you to familiarise yourself with the building process from beginning to end; especially when your block is located a long distance from your transportable homes building contractor.