Transportable Homes 10 Tips – Ask Your Builder

Transportable Home 10 Tips


Ask Your Relocatable Homes Building Contractor – Tip #3


Because each transportable homes building manufacturer is unique, you have to make sure you ask each potential contractor the same questions. If they have ‘other benefits’, list them separately because your goal is to find your perfect match.

If your potential portable homes building contractor is a long distance from your block of  land, you need to know if there are local professionals who are familiar with the premanufactured homes building process, as assembling, joining and finishing relocatable homes can be quite different from traditional homes. Ask the building contractor if they have a network of local builders they use with experience in your area.  Having  experienced local builders and contractors to work on site doing the foundations and assembly work will give you peace of mind and should reduce errors.

If the building contractor has not used tradesmen in your area before, you will need to seek other ways of ensuring the process goes smoothly; like emailing videos of the progress to the pre-manufactured homes building contractor, so they can see if the local tradesmen are on track. Videos may feature –

  • the land before construction
  • the pegged area (measure it yourself and tell your building contractor)
  • the concrete slab/slumps/footings
  • access to the land
  • placement of the modules
  • joining of the modules
  • interior finishing
  • utility connections

and anything else your manufacturing contractor may require, or that you are concerned about.


Hiring Local Builders – Other Gems of Information


Two Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Local Builder

Firstly, make sure your local builder and your pre-manufactured homes building contractor have open lines of communication and agree to consult with one another.

Secondly, make sure your local builder has enough time to devote to your project. Unfortunately, good local builders are always in high demand and some of them take on several projects at once, which can drag your building process out. Of course, this is where you need to make sure you match your needs with the expertise of your pre-manufactured homes building contractor and your local builder. Even if you score the best local builder to project manage the foundation, assembly and signing off of your transportable home, if he is juggling too many other projects, he may unintentionally overlook something on your project or delay your build.

Interview some good local builders and do not be afraid to use a builder that is further away from your block of land than you would like. Paying an extra couple of hours travel time for a good builder who has a reputation for exceptional work is better than using an adequate tradesman or an overworked local builder.