Transportable Homes


Everything You Wanted to Know About Transportable Homes


Transportable Homes Key Information

Advantages of Buying a Transportable Home
Outlines the multitude of reasons why buying one is a great idea and very viable option; environmentally friendly, choices of building materials, value for money, build stronger, fast, choice of designs and floor-plans, and more!

Transportable Homes are Attractive Now
Features an overview of designs and styles catering to every lifestyle.


Transportable Homes Directory

The Manufacturers Directory of  Transportable Homes in Australia is the most comprehensive list of companies building transportable homes, listed State by State.


Transportable Homes TOP 10 TIPs

A transportable home is a great affordable home solution for many people but like everything in life, nothing is perfect for every situation. To help you make the best decision and avoid a  potentially stressful and costly experience, I have my Top 10 Tips for you to consider. Also, keep an eye out for the ‘Other Gems of Information’ within these tips.

TIP #1. Transportable Homes Building Process
A step-by-step overview of the building process and handy tips when using local builders.

TIP #2. Choosing a Transportable Homes Builder
Definition of a building contractor, and how to find a reputable manufacturer.

TIP #3. Ask your Transportable Homes Builder
How to use a network of builders effectively.

TIP #4. Relocatable Homes Designs
Designs, styles, shapes and sizes; from very affordable to … ‘sky is the limit’.

TIP #5. Transportable Homes Building Commitment
Building commitment, making final decisions and formalising inclusions in manufacturing contracts.

TIP #6. Are Relocatable Homes Best for You?
The many things you should consider before buying.

TIP #7. Transportable Homes, Concrete Slabs, Cranes and Your Block of Land
Concrete slabs, workable crane areas and things to consider on your block of land.

TIP #8. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Transportable Homes to Save Money
How handy are you? Have you got any experience? Find out if DIY is a good idea for you.

TIP #9. Transportable Homes Checklist
A comprehensive list of things to check once your home has arrived on site.

TIP #10.


Transportable Homes Through the Years

Transportable Homes History

Transportable home history from the very beginning. Showcasing where the concept originated from, why they became very popular, where they are positioned today and what they are destined to become in the future.