Transportable Homes are Permanent Houses

Posted by Transportable Homes on June 18, 2010 under Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, Portable Homes, Relocatable Homes, Transportable Homes | Be the First to Comment

Transportable Homes are Permanent Housing Solutions, … until moved again.


Transportable pre-manufactured homes are built to completion and delivered via truck, however they are a form of permanent housing. It is only where the home is constructed and how the modular home is delivered to its destination that makes it any different from a other permanent houses built on your land by a builder.


Relocatable homes are approved by engineers and
have to come up to the Australia Building Code Standards. Portable homes have to meet the same certification and gain the same approvals as regular houses built using traditional methods, even more because they may have to be moved several times during their lifetime.



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