History of Transportable Homes

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The History of Transportable Homes


Transportable Homes are not a new idea. In 1910, Sear-Roebuck sold over half a million relocatable homes throughout the United States of America over a thirty year period. In the beginning this  affordable housing was  plain and humble. However, after much refinement the designs of these portable homes offered became very attractive; featuring 2-storey options with continuous balconies and verandahs. For just over USD$1200, 2-storey pre-manufactured homes with 3 bedrooms were in hot demand by soldiers returning from the war.

Today, technology has pushed the modular homes industry to dizzying heights where there is very little transportable homes can not feature. The size and shape only determining the number of modules to be transported and assembled. Portable homes have advanced so far that the concept is being used in some of the most unexpected industries like the Queen Mary II. Where the ship’s designers chose to integrate modular concepts by having the passenger rooms and VIP suites  made in individual pods which were lifted into place as the world’s most expensive luxury cruise liner was being built.

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