Transportable Homes and Cyclones in Australia

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Modular Homes Building Regulations for Cyclones in Australia


Because new issues arise as the environment changes, the Australian Building Codes Board does periodic reviews of the building standards. In fact they are reviewing them now. If you want to learn more, visit the Australian Building Codes Board.

On that website you will find some very interesting data about cyclones in Australia, issues in your area and the cyclone building standards. You will also discover the building standards have you and your family’s safety as a top priority.

Australia has some of the highest building standards in the world; strictly governed. If you are buying a new transportable home, your building contractor will construct it to reflect those cyclone building requirements. Talk to your building contractor about any concerns you have and your proposed cyclone prone location.

Also, your local council has further information for cyclone prone areas, and documentation of past issues arising from cyclones within the municipality.


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