Transportable Homes and Council Planning Permission

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Find Out What Your Council Requires for Transportable Homes


Before you start building your own Transportable Home, or sharing the project with your manufacturer, you must visit your local Council as they will need to know what you intentions are and you will need permission to have you building either moved to site or built on site. Transportable Homes have very similar Council Planning requirements as a regular home, however, your area or your land may have a covenant upon it and you can only find this out by visiting your local Council.

The main objective of any Council’s Planning Office or Department is to provide guidelines for the way land within the municipality may be used or developed; using a fair and sustainable methodology.

Transportable Home and Council PlanningBearing in mind that all residents and property owners are affected by what individuals wish to do with their property, your local Council tries to regulate areas so short and long term issues are avoided. In most instances Councils will impose conditions it deems fair and equitable for all concerned to create balance between government, industry and the wider community.

Check with your Planning Office to see what your requirements are before you start anything as any unauthorised development without consent can result in legal action and fines.

In most cases your local Council will have most, if not all, of the documentation, regulation and fees on their website for you to download and view. However, always remember Council websites sometimes are not updated frequently, and therefore it is your sole responsibility to contact your Council directly and discuss your plans to have a transportable home on your property; thus ensuring you have the most current forms and guidelines.





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