Transportable Homes are Cheaper

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Why Transportable Homes are Cheaper than Traditionally Built Homes?


Pre-manufactured homes are an attractive housing solution because of their affordable cost savings.


Fast and Efficient Assemble-line Production

A transportable home is like any other product that is mass-produced by the factories.



Many parts can be built by machines on an assembly line; cut and constructed fast.This eliminates human labor which can be costly, susceptible to errors and slow in comparison. Relocatable homes are produced like a car with less human intervention.


Less Wasted Building Materials

Most items of the transportable homes are pre-designed and fabricated using standardised designs; saving on waste material during production.


Less Time

Therefore, portable homes are built within hours and minutes rather than in days and months.


Bulk Purchasing and Volume Discounts

The building materials used in the transportable homes is purchased at wholesale prices, directly from the manufacturers and suppliers; much cheaper than a local builder buying building materials for one house at a time.


High Quality, Less Problems

Portable Homes are built in a controlled environment where everything is checked by the experts and engineers. With so many of an individual design being produced, building systems are constantly improved. This kind of expertise is not available to the traditional home buyers as each and every home is a one off and this is where ‘issues’ and delays occur.


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