Different Building Contractor Arrangements

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Different Building Contractors, Different Deals for Transportable Homes


All manufactured homes building contractors that make transportable homes can differ in what they offer.


The Complete Modular Homes Package

If you are going to choose a manufactured homes building contractor close to your block of land to make your modular home, you may have the option to use all of their services. This may include –

  • Design
  • Construction of the module/s
  • Preparation of the foundation
  • Transportation to your block of land
  • Assembly of the module/s and finishing


Other Transportable Homes Options

In some cases a building contractor specialising in designing and constructing transportable homes may want a home-owner to hire local building Tradesmen to prepare the foundation, assemble the module/s and finish the project on site. In this case, home-owners may also have to organise the trucking of the module/s.

Some companies only have floor-plans and designs which are exclusive to them. For this reason, they may be less flexible when accommodating modifications to standardised plans as they are set up for mass-production. Usually super fast delivery and high quality.

Much smaller manufactured homes building contractors may prefer to have a home-owner seek the services of an architect to clarify designs and aspirations; then draft up floor-plans accordingly for them to build.


Transportable Homes Delivery Options

Some companies will only deliver their transportable homes within the State where their company is located; whilst others will only freight their relocatable homes to a certain group of States. Or, they define a distance from their premise that they will not deliver past. From a building contractors perspective, it is sometimes not feasible to service portable homes that are hundreds of miles away. Also, manufactured homes building contractors are responsible for finding large and secure locations to store modules overnight on extremely long hauls.


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