Cheaper Transportable Homes Relocation

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How to Save Money When Relocating a Transportable Home.

Five things to look for:

1: Transportable homes need easy access and good site contour (not too steep) to save unexpected costs.

2: Transport operator with the right equipment eg: hydraulic trailers and good hydraulic jacking tools.

3: The shortest route with the least obstructions (bridges, over-passes, over-hanging power lines and trees).

4: Try to keep the distance from utilities as short as possible.

5: Use a good reputable relocatable homes transport operator.

6: Make sure the house is being moved directly from the place were it was constructed to your site and not from a storage area or another site as this means double handling and possible storage costs.

Hydraulic trailers mean that the trailer carrying the house has the ability to raise and lower itself to remain level. It will just back under the house and simply lift itself up and drive away.

Chances are your house builder will be well aware of who is the right transport operator for the job but remember the rule, ask around. Speak to previous customers.

You should be aware also there are considerable rules governing the transport of large loads eg: the time of day, pilot vehicles, possibly a police escort and Road Transport Authority approval.

Your council may also have odd rules and regulations that need to be checked.

Some councils are tough and others are very easy to deal with. For example: a bond paid until final inspection then refunded when passed inspection. Also you may have to pay for any damage caused while being transported through streets and maybe a bond to the electricity company for moving or repairing power lines. Choose your route carefully.

You may save money by insuring the builder or the transport operator are responsible for the setting up and placing of the house on the foundation or footings as opposed to an independent operator.

It is always advised to come to some arrangement with your transport operator and whoever is responsible for foundations, that a suitable portion of the payment is withheld until after final inspection.

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