Modular Homes Designs

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Modular Homes Designs


TOP 100 Series (11 to 20)

This series of transportable homes designs focuses on the country homes style. Again, I believe the greater majority of traditionally built homes have the capacity to be built in a modular fashion, from  country retreat to  family homestead.


Country Modular Homes Designs

Small Country Retreat

As a retreat for out in the country, this modular home is made from low-maintenance materials, is a simplistic design and very cost effective. What I really like about this relocatable home is the minimal impact on the land. You would be surprised at how roomy a small structure like this can feel inside when decorated appropriately. At approximately 4.5 x 14 meters wide, this style of portable home could easily have 2 small bedrooms, with fully amenities and a decent sized living area with fold out sleeping arrangements for guests. The large windows leading out into the decked area brings the outside into the home so you can fully absorb the country atmosphere whilst relaxing.


Country Style Affordable Housing

This type of country style portable home is very reasonably priced. Notice how the front verandah and the side door add character to what would otherwise be a box shape. Obviously placed on a concrete slab, this type of building is ideal for people with disabilities, hip problems, or for the aged as the small entry steps can easily be transformed into ramps for easy access. Some 3 bedroom country homes following this style have a spare room removed and an interior car-shed built instead; turning this type of home into a unit for investors or granny flat for a family member.


Country Lifestyle for a Growing Family

This type of two-storey modular home could be transported in four modules easily. The deck and verandah would be built after arrival on site. At this point in the process is where proud new home owners see their dream home come to fruition. The fitting of a traditionally Australian bull-nose verandah or opting for a flat (skillion) verandah roof are all part of the options available to you. The people who own this home have chosen to have a picket fence effect, giving the portable home a real cosy, country feel. Ideal for a growing family out in the country.


More Rooms, Less Dollars

This is an plain American-style country home. If you are looking for affordable housing with heaps of space, this design ticks all the boxes. Four modules, plain in design, easy to assemble and relatively cheap (as modular homes go). Shutters on the windows are a nice feature and the plain verandah is functional yet understated. If you used this type of design, you may want to cut some costs further by having the tiles replaced with colorbond roofing. Also, removing the fireplace from the floor-plan and  opting for gas or electric heating as chimneys and fireplaces can add a considerable amount of cost when you are looking for a larger affordable home.


Modular Homes with Country Flavour

Here is an example of a modular home with some interesting detail on the front. As you can see, the four modules used in this home are very plain with very few windows down the length of the building. This transportable home illustrates how the front of the home can be made very interesting and quaint with little effort. Once finished, the owners of this home may opt  for a carport or car-shed off the right side of the home for easy access through the side door. This home also features extremely low maintenance exterior cladding.


Alpine Country Home Features

This example of relocatable home is very plain when you look at the structure.  It probably arrived in six modules, possibly with a collapsible roof. But it’s the decking, (which doubles as a verandah for downstairs), and the stairs that make this home stunning; giving a true country feel. Decks and stairs are a relatively cheap way to lift the ‘X-factor’ of a plain building structure; whether your transportable home has one, two or three levels. This particular design features a high-pitched gable roof (suitable for snow-load) and fabulous windows on the face of the home making it interesting. The cedar finish does require regular maintenance as it needs to be oiled to keep the timber waterproof and safe from premature deterioration.


Stone Masons and Country-styled Modular Homes

The basic structure of this design is very plain and uses exterior features to add character. What makes this country home a real head turner are the on-site additions, which are

  • stone chimney
  • stone arch on ground floor
  • stone stairs
  • stone fence & stairs, and the
  • curved verandah roof with
    attractive railing.

This could easily have been a transportable home where the owners chose to add the stone features as and when finances allowed.


Transportable Family Homesteads

This house demonstrates how attention to detail when designing modular homes can make a transportable home appear larger and more expensive.

From the photo, one could assume there are six modules using five trucks to freight them.  The character of this home is created by –

  • dormer windows
  • window shutters
  • round windows
  • overhanging gabled rooms creating the verandah effect underneath at the main entrance with picket fence detailing

If you took away the two gabled structures overhanging the main entrance, this would then be a very plain structure.


Elaborate Pre-manufactured Country Homes

There are a few simple rules to follow when building modular homes to keep the costs down.  This  home could be made using modular building techniques even though it has expensive options; those being –

  • round and circular modules
  • awkward shapes for freighting
  • multiple modules

When the design is elaborate (like in this photo), there is a fine line when deciding whether or not to build traditionally or have a pre-manufactured modular home built. Possibly the only advantage would be the speed of delivery, as apposed to having a team of builders on-site for months.


Million Dollar Country-style Transportable Homes

Some people choose to build million dollar pre-manufactured homes using their own customised design. This architecturally designed country mansion illustrates how unique and exciting modular homes can be if funds are plentiful.

If built using modular methods, this modern country home would have a considerable amount of on-site work to finish the project.



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