Differences between Granny Flats and Cabins [VIDEO]

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What is the difference between a Cabin and a Granny Flat?


Transportable Homes Video – Tracey describes characteristics of Granny Flats and Cabins.




A cabin is small with limited facilities. Most commonly found in tourist parks, they normally have a small bathroom and toilet facilities. Cabins tend to be plain in design with a verandah at the front and a sliding door for access. The living area is small because cabins are designed for people to sleep in, instead of ‘live in’. Cabins ideally suit tourists, as they only require a comfortable place to refresh themselves and sleep after a big day of sight-seeing.

Granny Flats

Granny Flats on the other hand are a small complete home with all amenities inclusive. Usually one or two bedroom with a couple of external doors. Granny flats are merely a miniature version of a normal family home, just with smaller rooms; designed for one person, … usually a grandparent.

Today, granny flats are more popular as an extra source of income for people with room on their block of land. Granny flats are low in price but command the same rentals as normal units making them very affordable housing for tenants and a source of extra income for landlords.



What is a Transportable Home? [VIDEO]

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Transportable Homes Have Many Names


Transportable Homes Video – Tracey explains the many different terms used for transportable homes.


Transportable homes are also referred to as –

  • relocatable homes
  • portable homes
  • pre-manufactured homes
  • manufactured homes
  • pre-built homes
  • modular homes
  • granny flats
  • prefabricated homes
  • prefabs
  • prefab homes
  • cabins
  • holiday park cabins
  • tourist cabins
  • affordable housing


These are all types of transportable homes. However, they are not to be confused with a traditionally built house on a block of land that is ‘moved’ after a period of years and transported to another location. These are purely houses that have been moved.

Whereas, transportable homes (or any other terminology used in the list above) are designed to be transported and have extra reinforcing to cope with possibly several moves over their lifetime.