What Size Are Transportable Homes? [VIDEO]

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Transportable Homes Are Any Size You Want


Transportable Homes Video – Tracey talks about the various sizes of portable homes.



The size of modular homes is purely determined by what is required; there are no limitations as such.

Anything from a small, budget, one bedroom, open-plan, self-contained studio; to a  luxury 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 3-storey abode featuring an enormous kitchen complete with island in the center, floor to ceiling windows down the entire north-facing side  and a  master bedroom with a top of the range ensuite.

It is up to you. If you want something custom-made, it all depends on your floor-plan, budget, and property access.

There are transporting laws, for example in Tasmania you can’t exceed 4.8m wide and anything larger requires an escorted journey by an approved pilot vehicle; which alerts on-coming traffic of the wide-load ahead. If your custom design is wider than allowable for your State, talk to your Contractor about the freighting and segmentation of your building and the transportation laws.



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