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Modular Home Building and Assembly Surprise!


The shock of seeing a family-sized modular home ‘pop up’ from nowhere while you are away at work is nothing short of amazing. And the modular home building process is something to behold if you are new to this form of ‘instant housing’. For that very reason, I have selected these videos to illustrate the modular home building and assembly process (mostly American videos). However, it is a very similar process in the Australian Transportable Homes Industry.

Note: If this page takes a while to load, go and make a coffee and come back. This page is worth watching.


There are parts of the following transportable homes video that are absolutely amazing, especially the sprawling mansion, but you have to sit through a bit of product advertising which does not apply to transportable homes in Australia.



I simply could not have said it better than the guy in this next video …



Are You Kidding?! I don’t know where in the world this video came from but it proves a point (excuse the ‘floral language’ in the background). There are some very funny people in the transportable homes industry that will do anything to prove a point, that being that transportable homes are built to be very strong.



The following video is very quick and blurry in places, but if you want to see a transportable home construction from bare dirt to fully completed and landscaped in 1 minute and 15 seconds; then this is the video for you. PS: I don’t know why they decided to build a garage using traditional methods when the house is a modular home. I guess that’s what the owner wanted, so that’s what they got.



Fancy a beach shack whipped up in a day? I wish they had shown more of the finished product, but notice how they have a large module and a long, thin module which give them the width they desired.



Here’s a different transportable home! Cement ground floor with Modular second storey. But look at the way they do the roof! How cool is that! What a spectacular transportable home.



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