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Modular Home Building and Assembly Surprise!


There is nothing more astonishing than driving home from work to discover a brand new house appearing (out of nowhere) on what was a vacant block of land when you drove past it eight hours earlier that day. This is the normality of the modular home building process; it’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s cheaper in most cases. To demonstrate the modular building process, I have collated these videos for you (this is the first of a series of three). Admittedly, most of these videos about modular home building and transportable home assembly are American. However, very similar building processes are happening right here in the Australian modular home building industry.

Note: If this page takes a while to load, go and make a coffee and come back. This page is worth watching.


This video will really open your eyes to the extent of transportable homes grandeur and opulence. It also introduces you to a couple who chose to build a modular home, why they chose it and the modular home building process they went through. There is some amazing assembly footage in this video.



The next video is actually Australian! Transporting a Modular Home to Kangaroo Island on a Ferry. This video gives you more information about the on-site modular home building process, and how a transportable homes manufacturer transported this modular home in pieces across 13 kilometers of ocean to its final destination.



This is a great modular home building video! But it sounds ‘hammy’ to begin with. If you can ignore the beginning, you will get a good insight into what modular home building have to offer. Australian transportable homes manufacturers are doing the same thing, however this American manufacturer has only a 1 year warrantee when most Australian operators offer between 5 to 30 years.



The modular home buildings in this video are big, really big. Modular homes can be anything from an open-plan tiny weekender, to a massive rambling mansion; like those featured in this next video.



This modular home building assembly video features a crane lifting a large roof section over power lines in a built-up residential area.



The next video is a bit slow and their choice of music is ‘ordinary’ but the finished modular home is worth the wait …



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