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Modular Home Building and Assembly Surprise!


The modular home building process can come as quite a shock if you are not accustomed to how fast a transportable home can be built. In the morning, a vacant block of land; in the afternoon, a two-storey family-sized modular home. Admittedly, most of these videos are American. However, very similar home building processes are applicable in Australia.

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Factory assembly in 35 seconds (time-lapse of course). Notice how the entire floor of the factory is a grid of tracks; so the transportable home can progress from one end of the factory to the other (just like a car assembly plant).



If you want it simple and you want it NOW! Then this one bedroom home is a modern, cheap and quick example (from the UK). Note the footings. If you go to, you will see this is a very upmarket little unit starting at fifty thousand pounds. Go to the gallery and have a look at the way they have got large sliding doors between the modules and the way the floor transitions from carpet to wood flooring between the modules of this relocatable home. Lovely home with great use of space.



Transportable homes and transportable restaurants. Just so you don’t get bored, here’s an example of an entire transportable restaurant being moved; ovens, fridges, counters, the lot! Even the drive-thru!



Back to the business of transportable homes, …


This next video comes from a ‘makeover television show’; that’s why there are so many people standing around. However, the completed transportable home is huge with stone walls.



Ever dreamt of a log home up in the mountains in the snow? This video also features a very modern transportable home featured in a home and garden show.



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