Extra Costs When Modifying Standard Floor-plans [VIDEO]

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Does it cost extra to modify a standard floor-plan?


Transportable Homes Video – Tracey talks about costs associated with standardised floor-plan modification.


Minor changes to a transportable homes floor-plan can be accommodated but may still require a drafting fee. Small changes to Standardised Floor-plans may be –

  • changing to a plastered ceiling instead of exposed beams
  • requesting a shub (shower and bath-tub combined) instead of a standard shower
  • upgrading the kitchen and changing the layout
  • changing the position of lights, light switches and power points
  • having a larger than normal fridge/freezer space

Drafting fee amounts depend on the complexity of the alteration to the plan. Structural¬† changes are normally most expensive. More complex and/or larger changes could be –

  • adding, deleting or moving a door
  • adding, deleting or moving windows
  • extending the length of a bedroom
  • turning two small bedrooms into one large bedroom
  • changing the roof pitch or design for aesthetic purposes

Note: Every building contractor is different. It is a good idea to ask what the fees are for changing one of their standard floor-plans before you start modifying. Good building contractors will have a fair idea of the extra costs you will incur as they may have made similar alterations to the floor-plan before.



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