How are Transportable Homes Built? [VIDEO]

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What is the Building Process?


Transportable Homes Video – Tracey explains the building process of relocatable homes.


Transportable Homes are built to Australian Standards. There are several ways of building them but most commonly is

  • in a Building Contractor’s yard, or
  • in a very large shed

In both these instances it is reasonable to assume they will follow the most popular method of construct; which is in an assembly-line environment under very controlled conditions. A lot along the lines of a car factory where vehicles are assembled on a production-line.

There are many benefits  for this type of pre-manufactured homes construction –

  • Bulk purchasing using volume discounts
  • Better utilisation of  Tradesmen
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher Quality Control systems
  • Less building materials waste

All of these add up to greater savings and less time consumed to create modular homes. The result being shorter waiting times for your portable homes and much better value for your money.


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