Habitat for Humanity Favours Modular Homes

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Habitat for Humanity Favours Modular Homes

After the floods in 2011, many members of the Ipwich community and other parts of Australia became residentially displaced. After the water receded, victims were left with either no home or a significantly damaged one, and this is where modular homes are a great solution.

Due to the generousity of the public, Pearls MiiHomes and Habitat for Humanity, three flood-effected Ipswich families are looking forward to receiving new modular homes in 2012.

Pearls MiiHome Pty Ltd is a large company in Burleigh (QLD) manufactures modular homes using a patented and unique building system that is extremely fast to erect. Ideal for emergencies as a temporary accommodation solution.

Habitat Humanity Australia (HFHA) is a non-profit organisation that is independant and their aim is to reduce housing poverty, particular for low income households. HFHA built 20 homes throughout Australia in 2011 for low income earners to build and buy. In this instance, HFHA poured resources into helping very deserving families in Ipswich who had lost their homes

Congratualtions to Habitat for Humanity and Pearl MiiHomes for joining forces and building modular homes as a viable option for this situation.



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