Granny Flats Manufacturers Directory

The Granny Flat Manufacturers Directory is a comprehensive listing of over 300 builders of Transportable Homes and Granny flats Australia wide.


Each listing has a the Company name, address,
phone number and website (if available)


More useful information about granny flat builders

Granny flat designs
The absolute Granny Flat Designs Bible and must read.

Granny flat prices
An insight into what costs contribute to the price.

Granny flats for rent
Whether searching for granny flats to rent or buy them for rental investment.

Buying used granny flats
Essential reading if considering purchasing a second-hand small home.

Eco-friendly granny flats
A comprehensive look at all options available.

Connecting utilities for granny flats
Electricity, water, gas and sewage.

Transporting a granny flat
If relocating a second-hand building or what to expect when using a manufacturer.

DIY – Granny flat
A comprehensive look into ‘do-it-yourself’ building.

Learn the Granny flat building process
When enlisting a manufacturer

Council approval for granny flats
The requirements, permits and approvals, plus who is responsible for getting them and when.

Granny flats top 10 tips
Lots of handy things to know and remember.

Granny flats for sale
Where to find granny flats that have come onto the market.

Granny flat plans
A detailed look at plans and what makes a good floor plan.

What is a granny flat?
The definition and valuable information.

Granny flat builders
Details about building manufacturers, using local builders for finishing and builders to help with DIY.

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