Granny Flats Australia

There is a steadily growing demand for granny flats Australia wide as the population ages, first home owners purchase smaller homes, teenagers demand greater independence and investors consider adding to their existing property portfolio by putting a small self-contained home in the backyard to increase rental profits.

Select granny flat builders to get access to a list of almost 400 manufactures in Australia, listed by State.

Buying New

The very first thing to do when considering a secondary small home, is to check to see if there is council approval for granny flats on the residential property in question.

Australia has a growing list of almost 400 businesses listed in the granny flats manufacturers directory which are listed by State. Each manufacturer has a standard set of designs, from which clients can customise designs to individual’s needs, tastes and style. Ranges are broad, from basic to luxury, and all granny flat prices are determined by the size, materials, features, extras, location transporting a granny flat, white goods, upgrades of fittings and fixtures, plus additional alterations.

Manufacturers directory of Granny Flats in AustraliaTo learn more about Australian manufacturers and how it all works, click granny flat building process.

To discover what floor-plans and options are available; click granny flat plans.

Buying Used

There is a constant stream of second-hand small transportable homes and granny flats Australia wide; found in newspapers, on community noticeboards and in Real Estate Agents windows, but mostly online when using the search words ‘granny flats for sale‘.

Buying used granny flats can be a cheaper housing option in Australia; especially for first home owners or people wishing to indulge in DIY and renovate themselves to save money.

For Australians who DIY, there is an entire industry catering for DIY’ers with a multitude of courses, forums and information to help them on their DIY granny flat journey.


Granny flat designs in Australia are unique. These small dwellings vary from conservative in style to ultra modern and cutting edge. Designs can be exploited to take advantage of natural breezes in summer for cooling or built on poles to allow for another form of natural air flow in very hot areas of Australia.

To discover what floor-plans and options are available; click Granny flat plans.


Because granny flats provide increased personal security, people are actively seeking granny flats for rent in Australia. On the other side of the coin, investors understand this burgeoning trend in Australia. Currently (2012), over 200,000 people a year search for ‘granny flats Australia’.

Eco-friendly Granny Flats

As living expenses rise in Australia, residents are becoming more environmentally aware and seek ‘greener options’ offering cheaper more sustainable living and options that enable them to live comfortably in the extreme temperatures that will come with climate change. For more information, select eco-friendly granny flats to learn more.

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