Granny Flat Prices

Price wise, granny flat prices seen advertised may not be what price is actually paid because advertised prices are for the exact structure only. This is not misleading because manufacturers can only firmly quote on the fixed price of what they know. So, all other costs are at the buyers additional expense as the following may not be included –

*** council permits and requirements Council approval for granny flats,

*** transport to site transporting a granny flat,

*** tradesmen costs to finish the building on-site,

connection to water, electricity, gas and sewage utilities for granny flats,

alterations or customisations,

steps, decks, porches, verandahs,

environmentally friendly options eco-friendly granny flats; like solar (note: recycled materials may not be cheaper),

facilities for disabled, and so on.

(*** unless negotiated prior to signing contract)

Prices increase with every alteration to the original plan; from extending the width of a deck or getting bi-fold doors instead of sliding, to getting a bigger shower cubical or upgrading a range-hood. Everything extra or changed will add to the final price. Hence, people get disheartened when the plan they fell in love with ends up costing many thousands more than they anticipated.

Prices from over 350 manufacturers of granny flats

The manufacturers directory granny flats manufacturers directory lists almost 400 transportable granny flat builders granny flat builders with links to most builders who have websites. Each builder has their basic set of designs granny flat designs and floor-plans granny flat plans, sometimes with the basic price.

Financial deposits, progress payments (if applicable) and final payments are all part of the building process and details can be found on the granny flat building process page; which outlines when money changes hands.

Cheaper Granny Flats

Building granny flats using the transportable home production-line method is no doubt a cheaper building option which allows the builder to pass the savings on to the buyer. Some of the reasons why transportable homes are cheaper include –

Fast and efficient assembly line production,

Automated machinery lowering labour costs,

Less building materials wasted,

Bulk purchasing and volume discounts, plus

Building processors are quality controlled and constantly improved.


Buying New

No doubt at all, there are cheap granny flats for sale, but it depends what is required. If buying new, a reasonably priced one bedroom granny flat is between $50,000 and $80,000.

For a two bedroom, granny flat prices are between $75,000 and $110,000 for a standard, small home. Again, these prices are basic and do not include any of the fore-mentioned costs.

Buying used granny flats

Second-hand granny flats are common and there are many things to be aware of. A $15,000 granny flat for removal may seem like a bargain but the price of transporting it, dis-connecting and re-connecting to utilities and all associated costs may make it prohibitive.

The trading post has many new and used granny flats (Tip: Use the search term ‘transportable homes’ as well).

Building a Granny Flat Yourself (DIY)

To get a more accurate estimated price when building a small home, print this list of DIY – Granny flat (*** Henderson’s list ***)components. Also, remember that all labour provided to do the construction has an actual cost, too. For this reason, hiring a mature builder via an employment agency to do a small ‘project’ may be another viable option.

Rental prices

The prices of granny flats for rent vary Australia-wide because of the size, location and facilities; like any home.

Prices (2012) range from $225 for a single open plan, one bedroom fully self-contained small home, to about $400 for a larger 2 bedroom granny flat.

Nationally, renting a house with a granny flat is approximately $600 – $850; this is for a standard home with no acreage or extras, like a swimming pool.

Buying a House with a Granny Flat

Buying a house with a granny flat has a huge variation of prices with a host of different reasons for the overall cost; most importantly, location. Today (July 2012), prices vary, from $210,000 for a 2 bedroom cottage and a brand new one bedroom granny flat in Childers on a small urban block, to the other extreme of a luxury home with separate self-contained accommodation that costs millions of dollars.

Top 7 Tips for Lowering Granny Flat Prices

These tips outline things to consider when buying that may save you money.

1. Deviate as little as possible from the manufacturer’s original floor-plan and design.

2. Shop around for the best price (making sure quotes are for exactly the same building).

3. Try not to change the design during construction.

4. Ensure access to the land is free of obstructions for a crane and truck/s.

5. Try to keep the distance from the road to the home as short as possible for utilities.

6. Install good insulation in walls, floors and ceiling as it saves heating and cooling costs long-term.

7. Install energy efficient appliances.

For more tips, click on granny flats top 10.