Granny Flat Builders

Australia has almost 400 granny flat builders who range from small partnerships consisting of a husband and wife team; through to multi-million dollar businesses listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, employing hundreds of staff nationally.

Granny Flat Manufacturers Directory

Get a copy of the granny flats manufacturers directory, where all the manufacturers are listed in Australia by State. The directory has clickable links to each manufacturer’s website.

Builder’s Designs and Plans

Each builder (commonly known as a manufacturer) has their own selection of granny flat designs which offer different sizes, shapes, features, number of bedrooms, and so on. The granny flat plans on their websites are an indication of the basic design. The floor-plan on the basic designs can be customised and altered to meet the buyers needs. Keep in mind that all customisations will cost extra.

Builder Prices

Granny Flat PricesAny granny flat prices found listed on any website are for the standard plans with absolutely no alterations. Potential home buyers get excited when they find a small home online within the budget they have. But, the greater majority of people are unwilling, or unable to, buy a house and not want to change something.

Also, there are a host of normal extra expenses that are not included in the advertised price, and for very good reason. There are many costs a granny flat builder can not anticipate like –

transportation costs from factory to land,

utility connections utilities for granny flats, and

possible local tradesmen hired to rejoin the module/s and/or finish them on-site.

Manufacturers and Council

Depending on the ‘package’ or agreement, Council approval for granny flats can be taken care of by the manufacturer. This has to be agreed upon in the beginning and added to the contract.

Building methods

Granny flat builders (transportable home manufacturers) construct homes within one of two environments –

1. In a very large industrial shed, or

2. In the open; on a large block of land.

In some cases, many granny flats are built at the same time in a production-line environment where costs are kept low

Select Granny flat building process to learn about the step by step process of enlisting a manufacturer to construct a transportable granny flat, where the small home would be built to completion and delivered to site on a truck deck transporting a granny flat.

(please see note at the bottom of this page)

Environmentally friendly building

All manufacturers can integrate environmentally friendly building practices and building materials to provide more sustainable living in eco-friendly granny flats.

Granny flat with less impact on the environmentThe actual transportable granny flat concept itself is environmentally friendly for many reasons, like being built in a controlled environment where there is less waste, and builders are only on-site for approximately two weeks instead of months when building traditionally, which reduces damage to flora and fauna.

For DIY’ers, suppliers have a good supply of environmentally friendly sustainable building materials to choose from; see eco-friendly granny flats for more information.

Note: Choosing granny flat builders that build traditionally is an option, too. ‘Traditionally’ meaning: a qualified builder(s) comes to the property and spends the entire time on-site for several months. Although this is another alternative, this website focuses on transportable homes predominantly being built in a factory (either to lock-up or completion) and freighted to site.

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