Granny Flats Increasing Real Estate Sales

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Aging Population Means Granny Flats Are In Demand.

Australia’s population is aging and with that comes the need for Granny Flats to satisfy specialised housing requirements.

Australians Want More Granny Flats

In the average year in Australia, over 240,000 people go to their computer and type in various phrases requesting a house for sale that comes complete with a granny flat on the property. These people are obviously only a segment of the population that want their older family members to remain independent yet close to the younger members of the family; for support, caring and companionship reasons.

Of course there are seniors who prefer to be independent and live within a caravan park environment as a permanent resident in their own granny flat; wishing to lease the land for 5 – 10 years in a location possibly by a river or the sea, which they otherwise could not afford.

Granny Flats, Granny Flat

Then, there are mature citizens who enjoy the security of gated communities and transportable homes villages, which provide a holistic approach to lifestyle, leisure and pleasure for the over 50’s. These properties provide tennis courts, bowling greens, bbq pavillions, swimming pools and club houses. Although small specialised homes are not referred to as granny flats in these communities, they are never the less the same thing.

Multiple Uses for Granny Flats Increase Their Appeal

A person living on a large block of land within walking distance to public transport in a small town or city should not discount the possibly of putting a transportable granny flat on the property. The additional accommodation has the potential to increase the properties value and broaden the appeal to buyers should it go on the market in the future. It is also important to note that buyers have multiple purposes for granny flats; choosing to utilise it for a teenager, young couple who are saving for a house, as a studio, guest house, bed and breakfast or rental.



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