Granny Flats Building Policies

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Granny Flats, Are You Allowed One?

Here in Australia the population is aging and the need for small housing options and granny flats are increasing in demand. The primary reason being because granny flats enable older family members to maintain their independence safely and reside closer to family.

Granny Flats in NSW

In many States, the Australian Government is making it easier for families to build a granny flat or small dwelling on their property. For example, a policy was released in 2009 allowing home-owners with a block larger than 450sqm and a 12 meter plus frontage to be allowed to seek approval to build a Granny Flat on their property (NSW Dept of Planning – view policy)

Getting Granny Flat Planning Permission

To find out exactly what the conditions are regarding putting a granny flat on your property, visit your local Council Planning Department. Make sure you get the name of the person you speak to as you may need to contact them again in the future with more questions or clarification.

Try to have a clear idea of what you wish to build on your property; size, location on your block, etc. This will assist the Planning Department as they will know what you would like to do and they will be more able to assess if what you want is achievable on your block of land.

Granny Flats, Granny Flat

Granny flats keep family closer






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