Transportable Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can you send transportable homes prices with a brochure of your designs and floorplans?
A:  No, because we do not manufacture transportable homes or granny flats. We are a place were manufacturers feature their transportable home and granny flat designs. Private individuals can also list their used homes and granny flats for sale, enabling you to contact manufacturers or individuals directly.

Q:  What does www.TransportableHomesSpecialist.com.au do?
A:  We are a transportable home information and resource site. A large portion of this website is available for manufacturers to advertise their new homes and granny flats, and for private individuals who may have a used one or a granny flat for sale. Our independent information consists of blog posts, interviews with manufacturers, videos with associated industry businesses and tradesmen, PDF’s, reports, directories, event calendar, webinars (eg: with a property valuer or a home loan professional). Note: To get access to this valuable information, just join our newsletter (details in the sidebar). Of course we have our magazine ‘Transportable Homes Today’, which is available instantly online and will soon be in hard-copy and CD. You can get your copy here.

Q:  What is a transportable home?
A:  A domestic dwelling that is manufactured and fully constructed either inside a factory or on a builder’s property, then transported on a freighter to the vacant land to have the module/s craned into position, joined and connected to utilities.

Q:  Can you recommend a manufacturer in my area?
A:  No. We are an independent body wishing to remain impartial towards all users of this website and it’s services.

Q:  How much will it cost to move a used transportable from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’?
A:  It is impossible for us to know. However, you can get quotes from any building removal company and they will know all of the associated costs you should make yourself familiar with.