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Welcome to TransportableHomesSpecialist.com.au.

Hi, my name is Tracey Carter. Thank you for visiting. I hope you find the modular homes information on this website useful and informative; especially if you are considering buying a relocatable home, granny flat or prefab.

This Transportable Homes website is the culmination of my findings over the past 3 years and I would like to share this valuable manufactured homes information with you. But before I go on, you need to know I don’t build transportable modular homes, granny flats or prefabs, I just know a lot about them and think they are a fabulous affordable housing option.


My Transportable Homes Story

Just like you, I was looking at buying a modular home. However, I found good information about manufactured homes hard to find and I was in a hurry (feeling the impact of the global financial crisis in late 2007). Basically, I had to re-assess everything; including the house, and it became obvious that a fast and more affordable housing solution was going to be putting a modular home on a block of land I had. So, to cut a long story short, I was absolutely amazed at what the transportable homes market and the manufactured homes industry had to offer and I spent months pouring over information about relocatable homes, granny flats and prefabs.


Becoming a Modular Homes Fan

During this time I became a fan of modular homes, granny flats and prefabs and my enthusiasm for them evolved into this relocatable homes website (so I can share this valuable information); it’s full of manufactured homes tips, portable homes situations, things to be aware of when buying modular homes, and options to take into consideration that could save you money when buying manufactured homes. By sharing this valuable manufactured home information, you will have a better chance of finding the highest quality modular home, in the style, design and materials you love, and with maximum value for your money; because that’s what I was looking for. Like you, I wanted good information to help me make better decisions, so I could buy a new modular home and start living in it quickly, with the least amount of problems and unexpected costs (that’s the beauty of manufactured homes; quick fast and relatively cheap).


Why I Spread the Relocatable Homes Message and What’s In It For You

I guess my purpose is to demonstrate how homes of different shapes and styles can be built using premanufactured modular construction methods (and you would never know the difference; except with modular homes, you would probably have money left in your wallet :)). There is no doubt, pre-manufactured modular homes, granny flats and prefabs can save you thousands of dollars compared to building your home using traditional methods (if you follow some basic rules and are prepared to compromise a little). Also, you get your portable home, granny flat or prefab faster. Building does not get any better than that.

Personally, I find the transportable homes industry fascinating as technology takes hold and architects bring people’s fresh ideas to fruition. It is an interest that gives me a great deal of enjoyment because I see transportable homes, granny flats and prefabs as the new generation of Australian housing. For that reason, I would like to show you the many different features of today’s transportable, modular homes and the benefits of manufactured homes, granny flats and prefabs. Whether you are looking for your first home, a basic holiday shack, an ultra modern townhouse, an impressive homestead for a growing family of five, or if you are searching for the perfect granny flat to keep loved ones close; modular homes are a very good option for you.

Again, I hope you find the relocatable homes information here useful. I have tried to cover every aspect of the modular homes building process for you, but if you have any questions about manufactured homes, prefabs or granny flats, don’t hesitate to ask using the Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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