Modular Homes Designs

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Modular Homes Designs


TOP 100 Series (11 to 20)

This series of transportable homes designs focuses on the country homes style. Again, I believe the greater majority of traditionally built homes have the capacity to be built in a modular fashion, from  country retreat to  family homestead.


Country Modular Homes Designs

Small Country Retreat

As a retreat for out in the country, this modular home is made from low-maintenance materials, is a simplistic design and very cost effective. What I really like about this relocatable home is the minimal impact on the land. You would be surprised at how roomy a small structure like this can feel inside when decorated appropriately. At approximately 4.5 x 14 meters wide, this style of portable home could easily have 2 small bedrooms, with fully amenities and a decent sized living area with fold out sleeping arrangements for guests. The large windows leading out into the decked area brings the outside into the home so you can fully absorb the country atmosphere whilst relaxing.


Country Style Affordable Housing

This type of country style portable home is very reasonably priced. Notice how the front verandah and the side door add character to what would otherwise be a box shape. Obviously placed on a concrete slab, this type of building is ideal for people with disabilities, hip problems, or for the aged as the small entry steps can easily be transformed into ramps for easy access. Some 3 bedroom country homes following this style have a spare room removed and an interior car-shed built instead; turning this type of home into a unit for investors or granny flat for a family member.


Country Lifestyle for a Growing Family

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Transportable Homes and Cyclones in Australia

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Modular Homes Building Regulations for Cyclones in Australia


Because new issues arise as the environment changes, the Australian Building Codes Board does periodic reviews of the building standards. In fact they are reviewing them now. If you want to learn more, visit the Australian Building Codes Board.

On that website you will find some very interesting data about cyclones in Australia, issues in your area and the cyclone building standards. You will also discover the building standards have you and your family’s safety as a top priority.

Australia has some of the highest building standards in the world; strictly governed. If you are buying a new transportable home, your building contractor will construct it to reflect those cyclone building requirements. Talk to your building contractor about any concerns you have and your proposed cyclone prone location.

Also, your local council has further information for cyclone prone areas, and documentation of past issues arising from cyclones within the municipality.


Transportable Homes Prices Per Module

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How Much is My Modular Home Going to Cost?


A very good question asked by a lot of enthusiastic relocatable home-owners-to-be. To be brutally honest, there are many factors that will impact on the price of your modular home.

To understand what makes up the price of portable homes; I have put together a quick guide, which includes but is not limited to the following:

Standardised floor-plan designs and styles will generally be more value for your money.

2-storey modular homes are less expensive per square meter because the fixed costs remain the same for the greater area; like foundations, footings, slab, building site preparation and connection to electricity, water, gas and sewage. In saying this, the modules required to make the 2nd-storey increase the cost.


Each module of the portable home will increase the cost because of