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    Modular Homes Prices and Ways to save your hard earned cash when buying a portable home or Granny Flat

    Discover hidden costs when buying new relocatable homes, transportable homes and prefabs How to save money when transporting premanufactured homes, relocatable homes, granny flats and prefabs How to find affordable relocatable home insurance and why some company’s don’t insure modular homes, prefabs or granny flats Find out what increases the cost of granny flats and relocatable homes Discover the price of upgrading appliances, fixtures and materials in premanufactured homes or a granny flat Identify which relocatable homes features add value to your modular home or granny flat; so it holds it’s price Hear what a licenced Property Valuer has to say about all types of transportable homes and granny flats Find out What is Included in a prefab or Modular Home Price (and what’s not)

    Premanufactured Homes and Relocatable Homes


    Learn about Premanufactured homes foundations and Relocatable Home Optional extras

    Learn about the choice of prefab and transportable homes footings and foundation options available to you for Granny Flats Find out about disabled facilities for granny flats and premanufactured homes Explore luxury options available in today’s modular homes and granny flats

    Transportable Homes and Manufactured Homes


    Learn what not to do (or to do) during the transportable homes building process

    Know the 2 things you need to tell your manufactured homes building contractor before you start How to prepare your block of land for a relocatable home or granny flat and minimise complications upon delivery How to find good local tradesmen when you are over 250k’s away from your prefabricated homes building contractor Listen to interviews with a building tradesman, crane driver, home haulage specialist and other relocatable homes experts Find out who is responsible for connecting utilities to relocatable homes, granny flats and prefabs (power, gas, water and sewage) Learn about relocatable homes full-service options available from manufactured homes building contractors Decision making – Do-It-Yourself and save some money (maybe) and how to use experienced Professionals more wisely Ways to communicate with your relocatable home building contractor when your block of land is remotely located

    Relocatable Homes and Prefabricated Homes


    How to Choose a Good Relocatable Homes Building Contractor for your prefabricated homes project

    Have peace of mind by learning over 21 questions to ask a prospective premanufactured home builder or supplier of prefabs. How to increase your chances of doing business with a company which has a good transportable homes building reputation. What you need to do once you get handed the keys of your brand new modular home, granny flat or prefab

    Granny Flat Loans and Transportable Homes Finance


    Learn about Granny Flat, Prefab and Transportable Homes Finance Challenges

    Learn why lending institutions are cautious about portable homes loans and relocatable home finance. Discover how to find easier transportable home finance, prefab loans and lending institutions who are granny flats friendly. Find out the most important thing your bank needs to know about your prefabricated manufactured home project.

    Building Compliance for Modular Homes, Prefabs and a Granny Flat


    How to successfully Navigate Council Compliance and Legal Requirements from Lawyers and Accountants

    How to comply with the legal obligations required by your local council for pre-built homes and prefabs. Listen to an interview with a council planning department, engineer and an inspector about relocatable homes. Discover the engineering certificates, compliance and permits process for prefabs and portable homes Get a site preparation checklist to help increase your chances of a smooth relocatable home experience. Learn what role lawyers and accountants play in large modular homes projects or granny flat and prefab transactions

    Premanufactured Homes and Relocatable Homes


    How to Have the best modular homes contract and Find out when you start paying out money

    Before signing, learn what’s negotiable and what’s not in prefab, granny flat or relocatable homes contracts Understand your maintenance obligations found in the fine-print of your premanufactured homes contract Discover what a standard HIA Building Contract looks like (standard transportable homes contract; also used for granny flats) Find out what to expect in the relocatable homes consultation process; what’s free and when do you start incurring costs Learn about prefab and premanufactured homes warranties, and guarantees for transportable homes and granny flats Know what to add to your modular homes building contract and how to formally document extra inclusions Visiting etiquette when inspecting various stages of manufactured homes construction (or granny flat) What to do and where to go if things go wrong with a manufactured home, granny flat or cabin

    Granny Flats, Prefab Housing and Built Homes


    Find out about Investing in Granny Flats, Prefab Housing and Pre-built homes

    Learn about wheelchair access, ramps, wet area bathrooms, extra wide doors and bench heights in relocatable homes Find out how Granny Flats and small relocatable homes (prefab) are placed in backyards when there is no access Find out where you are allowed to put a granny flat, relocatable home or prefab How to earn extra cash by renting out portable homes, granny flats and prefabs

    Manufactured Homes and Prefab Homes


    Discover the ultimate affordable Housing using Manufactured Homes, Prefabs and Shipping Container Housing

    Relocatable homes and prefab options for miners wanting temporary accommodation Transporting prefabs between mining towns; the prefab solution Find out why shipping container homes are becoming popular; as a small and cheap relocatable homes option Discover exciting designs of prefab homes, granny flats and relocatable homes; for singles or large families Learn what instant affordable housing is (You won’t believe what some folk have come up with. Fantastic!) Find out about great prefab and manufactured homes books to read Where to find used granny flats, prefabs and second-hand transportable homes for sale Watch videos of happy manufactured home owners (granny flat, prefab and relocatable home owners) … and much MUCH more transportable homes information!

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